50 shades of dark circles under my eyes

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"Fuck, my tea."
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Children are not possessions.
Children are not accessories.
Children are not relationship band aids.
They are tiny people with the same amount of feelings as an adult.

But with less capacity to process, express and healthily contain those feelings when necessary.

Be kind to them.

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killerwithacolouredkite: Just wanted to say love your blog! xx You are beautiful :3 

Oh my god you’re the sweetest

"please don’t join the long list of people that walked away from me"
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It’s really sad how often social anxiety is mistaken for rudeness or arrogance

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ever wondered what the exact spot you’re sitting in looked like 10,000 years ago

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"Why should I apologize for the monster I’ve become? No one ever apologized for making me this way."
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